Willow Time Trial

So today was the Willow TT near the Detroit Airport. A race I do every year and a good early season TT to test the legs. Two weeks after Fisk Knob and I had been a little sick for a week or so. The weather was very chilly in the low 40s with a chance of rain (luckily it held off). I was very unmotivated to go this morning due to the weather. But, Devin picked me up and Jack and his son were there (Jack was our pit “mule”:)) so off I went – one we got there I got motivated.

Had a good warmup and cranked out the 13.3 miles in 31.06. One of my faster times there for an average of around 26 (25.77). Good enough only for 5th this year which while frustrating since I was on the podium last year – still a decent rest. The legs are feeling pretty good and I am on the way to hopefully slaying the race that is my nemesis in June (State TT). We shall see. Thanks to Mike for letting us borrow the van and Devin for driving. Great showing by Jack Jr in his first TT and Devin on his “standard” bike. A good day out.