The Circus…..runs?

Just like a junk food addict hides the candy wrappers under their bed or the mountain biker avoids making eye contact with anyone at a Triathlon, I too have a secret vice: trail running.

350 or so runners descended on the Long Lake Outdoor Center at Yankee Springs this morning for Switchback Endurance’s “Yankee Springs Winter Challenge.”  A runner could select from the distance menu of 50 miles, 50K, 25K or 10K.


Even with a long history of getting in over my head, I enjoyed a big piece of humble pie and washed it down with a tall glass of reality and signed up for the 10K.

Six snowy miles  through the woods in a state of asthmatic fear thinking the finish line may never come.

I wrapped things up in just under an hour and was able to share war stories with friends while enjoying tasty chilli and home brewed beer.

A great event put on by Switchback Endurance and an even better way to kick off the 2016 racing season.

The next stop will be the Brewery Vivant Farm Hand Fat Bike Race on January 16th.  Stay tuned.