My Office in the Woods…

Ok, so maybe I wasn’t actually “in the woods,” but I was pretty close for a week. As a digital marketer here at WSI, I get the opportunity to work virtually from just about anywhere that I can find a WiFi and cell signal. Since I travel with a hotspot for WiFi and my phone seems to do a pretty good job of hanging on to calls, that makes my office options pretty limitless.

My office for the week

This past week I was off to Pennsylvania, where I teach a class every year on the last day of the week for the PA Bankers at their Advanced School of Banking. To get in some “pleasure” with my “business,” I arrived early and stayed at one of my favorite places to ride (and run and swim too), Seven Points Campground at Raystown Lake. This place is home to the Allegrippis Trail system, a super-fun and well maintained mountain bike trail that provided me with hours upon hours of riding enjoyment after wrapping up at the office for the day.

A few pics from the week

Eric and Melissa
Got the road bike out for a spin

When heading into State College for my class, I was able to get in a ride with a good friend from Marshall (Melissa) and spent time with her, Josh and their two awesome kids at their home.

After a great class on Friday, I headed back to the campsite and returned the favor of hospitality and had them come out for some camping. We grilled, enjoyed some tasty craft beer, and had lots of laughs (and roasted marshmallows).

Kids in the RV, time to eat!
Eric and Josh
Snuck in one last ride with Josh before heading home

It was an awesome week. I spent quality time in the RV and got a ton of work done, enjoyed some great biking, got to spend time with friends, and met a bunch of great PA bankers during class. Can’t wait to head back “to the woods” again in 2020, but it’s off to Wisconsin next week. Another banking school – and yes, I’m taking my bikes!