Snowshoe Fun in Northern Michigan

The Big Foot Boogie snowshoe race at Timber Ridge in Traverse City this weekend was Jana Turpin’s first race of the year as a new WSI/Team Active racing member. She did the 5k as I did the 10k. We were hoping for a lot of fresh snow on Saturday as the weather forecast was predicting. To our disappointment, no fresh powder or even cold weather. The temp at the start was mid 30’s and rising and a snow depth of 4-5 inch’s at the deepest.

Snowshoe Racers - Timber Ridge
Not much snow, but still a good time outdoors!

As the gun went off there was a flurry of snowshoes and snow flying like a human snow blower was rolling through the park. With in the first mile the field stretched out and some overly ambitious runners had dropped back. I could still see the leaders and started counting how many were in front of me finding myself in the top 25 I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be able to hold my pace and position hoping for an ae group win.

After making a few passes and the first of two loops on the course I started to lose my pace and slow a bit. Getting passed by two runners around the 7k mark I regrouped and made a charge to catch them within the last 1k and fell just short by under a minute, finishing 19th over all and 2nd in my age group. Good start to the new year.

Awards For The Race
Awards for our hard work.

~Chuck Brenner

Spending Some Quality Time With Kids…

Recently, WSI/Team Active Racing racer Kathy Roche-Wallace (  spent the morning at Wattles Elementary School in Battle Creek talking to 1st -4th graders at their Career Day. Kathy talked about being an athlete and her past adventures, including the RAMM (Race Across America), triathlons and adventure races. While the kids certainly thought she was one of the “coolest” guests of the day, she took the opportunity to reinforce the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Kathy Roche-Wallace at Wattles Elementary School

Kathy talked about the benefits of exercise and eating a healthy diet, especially important today with childhood obesity and juvenile diabetes on the rise. “Three’s no way I could compete in the events I do if I didn’t take care of my body, eat right and get lots of rest,” she told the students. “Whether you like to ride your bicycle, play soccer or just take the family dog for a walk, being active is important to staying healthy.”

This year Kathy will be returning to RAMM to defend her title and is one of only a few females registered for the solo event later this June. Starting in California, the route travels across the country over 3,000 miles ending in Maryland and should take her less than 12 days.