Kathy Roche-Wallace and her Sebring 24hr RAAM Qualifier

kathy-at-sebringI signed up for the 24 Hours of Sebring as a personal test and training for my upcoming RAAM event in June… and I’m glad I did. At the end of the 24 hours, I logged 338.9 miles, enough to take 2nd in my age group. Not too bad of a result, considering most of my training this year has been indoors riding on rollers!

What a unique venue, the last 12hrs we were riding on the actual 3.14 mile race track. The only part of the track that was lit was the pit stop. The marking of the race track was back rear bike lights that they laid on the track like run way lights for airplanes. My crew is amazing and did an excellent job keeping me on my bike. It was a challenge, I kept wanting to stop after every lap, and those stops were adding up to laps lost. I raced with the mindset that I was on my 6th day of RAAM and the main goal was to stay within myself and be able to ride for another 6 days and this pace. Training continues on rollers for now with the next big training, heading to State College Pa. to visit my daughter and grand kids and do some long rides in the mountains.


indigogo-logo-blackP.S. If you’ve not heard yet, we’ve also set up an Indiegogo Life page for Kathy to help collect donations in support of her RAAM event this year. As you can suspect, undertaking something like RAAM obviously takes physical and mental commitment – but the financial commitment is one that cannot be forgotten. If you’d like to support Kathy with a contribution of any amount, feel free to donate online!

~Eric Cook, “business manager”