Gears and Beers, Wine and Wheels and the End of Winter Celebration

The WSI Cycling team joined the Trek Bicycle Store for the annual End of Winter Festival February 23rd-25th. With fun in-store events and sales galore, it was an all hands on deck event for the team. Members played various roles from working the sales floor to working the runway. Here’s a glimpse of the fun that was had by all. Now, let’s hope that the End of Winter Celebration really does mean the end of winter is near!


The Traveling Circus, Episode #1 of 2017

After a last minute trip to the Trek Store of Battle Creek for water bottles and a spare fat bike tube, my neighbor Nick and I took a trip to Marquette Michigan for the 2017 Polar Roll Fat Bike Race.  Part of the Great Lake Fat Bike Series, the 45NRTH, Upper Hand Brewery and 906 Adventure team sponsored event promised groomed trail, 2000 feet of big climbs and a brutal experience. Continue reading “The Traveling Circus, Episode #1 of 2017”

Fat Fest Relays

Here in Michigan, snowy winters and fat tires go hand-in-hand. Unless, of course, your February has record breaking 60 and 70 degree temps. Although the lack of snow on the ground was disappointing, apparently mother nature has a sense of humor. 60 on Friday then snow, 37 and 40 mph gusts on Saturday. Perfect racing conditions, right? Continue reading “Fat Fest Relays”