Join WSI Cycling on Strava – We’ve Got a Club Now

WSI Cycling on StravaIf you ride a bicycle, there’s a good chance that you’re familiar with the site, Strava. Thousands of cyclists from around the world contribute to the site, posting updates from their rides (and other events) for friends to see. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your cycling connections… and make new ones!

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch the WSI Cycling Club group on Strava. You can click the link to go right to it, or just search for WSI Cycling when looking for groups and you’ll find us.

We look forward to connecting with you on Strava, but hopefully we’ll get to do some real riding together down the road.

~Keep the rubber side down…  😉

Three Rivers Tri

It was the end of August, and time for triathlon season to start winding down. Kellie had one tri to do as part of a relay team. She was the cyclist.

“It was a lot of fun just doing the bike segment… I had only one woman ahead of me, as her son was the 1st out of the water . I finally caught-and passed her  less than a mile from the transition area.
My team came in 3rd …  great day for a race!”

IceMan Cometh 2017

THE biggest mountain bike race in the state of Michigan. THE one raace no one ever knows how to dress for. THE greatest after party with Bell’s beer, and food trucks-a-plenty. THE Ice Man Cometh Challenge of 2017……

Dave Goff Sr. 

Iceman bike race from Kalkaska to the Timber Ridge Resort in Traverse City, as always was an awesome race this year! Started out with a little snow making the trail a little slick , but fun to ride. Unfortunately I had a flat tire about half way. I got it fixed and finished the race. The after p
arty was great! But extremely crowed. Looking forward to next year!

Kelli K

There’s always a story that goes with Iceman and this year was no different! I was warming up on my bike and noticed the tire bubbling from the center about 15 minutes before my wave took off.
I asked around to see if anyone had extra sealant but no luck.
My good friend Dave  offered his fat tire while he worked on my mountain bike  in hopes we both could still race. I started in the next wave, and quickly realized why fat tires have their own category.
I ended up in 8th place … considering late the chaotic start , I will take it! Until next year…
More Iceman reports to be added soon. Stay tuned…



Those who wander (to TN) are not lost……

I participated in Wanderlust 108 this past weekend in Nashville, TN at Bicentennial Park. The event was billed as a mindful triathlon, and began with an un-timed 5K run through the downtown streets of Nashville. My Strava app recorded my pace at 8:59/ mile. This was followed by 90 minutes of Vinyasa style yoga led by Chelsea Korus, which was fun and challenging! The “triathlon” was concluded by 30 minutes of meditation led by Enrique Collazo.

The weather was cloudy and 65 degrees, which was perfect for running and outdoor yoga. A great day!

~Matt W.