Pontiac Lake Time Trial

I had the opportunity to race with JJ today. What a great guy! We warmed up together riding around the parking lot at the lake and got to know each other more. (Best part of bike racing are the friends you make.) JJ and I both left just a little before 11:45 on a time trial effort that would take us one lap around Pontiac Lake’s hills.
It was a beautiful morning (especially after being very cold the day before at the Willow Time Trial.) The big difference between the MTB time trial and Willow Time Trial is that there are hills thrown into the mix on MTB time trials (which in my mind are the equivalent to an attack on the pack of a road race). Our time trial covered about 10 miles and at the Sport level is only one lap. On a good day, Pontiac Lake can be done leisurely in about an hour. In a time trial, you have to be in around 45 minutes, 40 if you want to be in the money.
I fear my competition may be a little tougher this year than the first year that I did the Tail Wind MTB series. I pushed it hard enough to almost bite it into the woods a few times (my best indication that I am ‘on the edge’), but still fell short of the ‘wooden podium’ by 3 places. Finished 6th place….not sure what the times are of the guys who beat me…will have to find out online tomorrow. A great beginning to the MTB racing season.
Hope to see you all at the Stampede next weekend. I will be racing in Traverse City on Saturday, then down for some fun in the Fort on Sunday.

Jack Miner.