What a Way to Ring in the New Year…

So Sara and I finished off the year with a 5k in Detroit on New Year’s Eve. The race was on Belle Isle which always provides cold and windy conditions. Not a lot to talk about a 5k race other than run and run fast. We finished together in 22:50. Sara finished 2nd in her age group and I took 12th in mine.

On January 4th we started the new year with a 50k at Yankee Springs “The Yankee Springs Winter Challenge”. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions for a winter challenge. The wind was mild and the sky beautiful blue with bright sunshine. Footing was tough and the hills were just as bad. We had to do two 25k loops of a combination of the mountain bike trail and the Chief Noonday trail. After our two loops and nearly 7hrs of running we reached the finish. Sara placed 5th in the women’s division with a finishing time of 6hrs, 23min. I took Β 3rd in my age group with a finishing time of Β 6hrs, 55mins. What a great way to start off the new year and looking forward to even more races in 2014!