Who’s a Dirty Burg…? Dan is!

Yup, this hill sucked.

Not all WSI Cycling events take place on the bike. I’m pleased to report another decent trail running finish for the “Traveling Circus” this past weekend. The Dirty Burg included 100 feet of climbing per mile, with the finish being a run up to the top of the ski hill and straight back down again. Nothing like getting in some nice altitude for the day!  

There was a great showing of fellow racers and I’m very happy with my 9th out of 29 overall result. Next stop is the Cereal City Triathlon relay with Holly. That should get me back on the bike for a bit!


A Very Hot and Humid Half Marathon in Battle Creek

Well, al I can say was that it was hot and humid. When I woke up it was already almost 80 and I had decided to run in the 8 minute pace group instead of the 730 group.  I figured if I still felt ok after 10 I could ramp it up and have a similar time. That did not happen. After the airport loop one of our pacers started to walk/run and most of the group had dropped back.

I ended up running a steady 8 or so for a while and then the heat started taking a toll. Around the 11 mile mark I met up with a friend who was not feeling great and we just decided to run in together.  A little slower than I wanted but I finished – second in my age group. About 20 minutes slower than the last two years.  Given I almost tapped out I was very happy with it.


Double Duty Race Weekend – Katie’s Borges Run and Fort Custer Stampede

Katie BridgesI raced on Sunday, May 6 by starting my day at the Borgess 10K in Kalamazoo. It was a beautiful morning, and the race had an exciting vibe. Borgess features a Marathon, Half, a 10K and 5K. At this event the last mile was dedicated to veterans, and I was honored with a red, white and blue bib number for my race!

I rested a few hours and headed to Fort Custer for the Sport Category of the Stampede. The race featured many of my favorite parts of the mountain bike trails. It was fun to mix it up and cruise for two laps of the course. By the end of lap 2, I was pretty tired! It had been a long day of racing but so much fun to cross the finish line twice!


Katie Birdges