Melting Man’s Muddy March Mayhem

Melting Man Number PlateYup, that’s a lot of “Ms” in the title of this post, but that’s pretty much what the 2017 Melting Man Gravel Road Challenge was. WSI Cycling had a good contingent of riders present to enjoy the slop, but fun was had by all. As you can see by some of the pictures, staying clean was not an option for the day.

WSI Cycling racer Kelly Sparks-Kramer says, “What a way to kick off race season! Melting Mann Gravel Road Challenge was just that … I managed to ride through all the mud in in 2:19:59 which gave me a 7th overall female and a 1st in my age group.”

Melting Man Dan FrayerAdditionally, Dan Frayer traded in his fat-tire for the cyclocross bike on this one and shared some of his pictures. Let’s just say it’s a good thing he had his phone someplace safe so it was working after the race was over!