Here Comes WSI Cycling… Welcome 2012

Greetings race fans. I’m excited to announce the arrival of the 2012 WSI-Team Active Cycling Team. We’ve got a lot of talented riders competing this year on the road, trail and pretty much any place else you can ride a bike. Team members also compete in triathlons and adventure races, so every once in a while we put the bike aside and grab some goggles for a swim, paddle for a kayak or compass for some orientation. Whatever the venue, we’ll be out there having fun and shooting for the podium.

Announcing This Year’s Title Sponsors

WSI Internet Consulting

One of the “title” sponsors this year is WSI Internet Consulting, one of the world’s leading providers of online and digital marketing strategies. Eric Cook (that’s ME) runs his WSI business out of Battle Creek, Michigan and can be found online at If your business is looking for help with its online strategy, whether that means a new website, search visibility or some help with social media, get in touch with WSI today.

Team Active Cycling and Fitness

As Mid-Michigan’s premier cycling store, Team Active Cycling and Fitness of Battle Creek, MI has been supporting the racing team since 2005 and is proud to continue for 2012. It’s one of the largest Trek dealerships in the state of Michigan and also sells Cannondale bikes in addition to The North Face and Patagonia clothing. Conveniently located in downtown Battle Creek, they feature a second-floor test track, so you can take your new bike for a spin, even when the weather’s not cooperating. You can also browse their entire catalog online at You’ll find they really know their stuff, but will make you feel at home when buying your new bike.

What To Expect This Year

As racers compete in events we’ll be posting race recaps to this site for your reading pleasure. We’ll also post updates about coming races, activities and other items of importance. So stay tuned for a great year of cycling and thanks for visiting.

~Eric Cook, WSI Internet Consulting

5 Replies to “Here Comes WSI Cycling… Welcome 2012”

  1. Looking forward to having the blog available to post race stories and results. Prepping for the 30 plus mile Barry Roubaix gravel road race…

  2. I look forward to making a comeback into racing after two years off. The benefits of having a couple of great title sponsors with the first hand knowledge and experience in competitive cycling is a major bonus. Team Active Cycling has always been known for having a wide variety of athletes that produce amazing results. Now that they are financially backed by WSI and dawning new colors for 2012, I can only imagine that we will see tremendous growth for future cyclists and continue to see top notch results from returning athletes. May God bless this team this year and keep them healthy!!! Oh yeah, RIDE FAST!!!

  3. I am thinking I need to figure out how to start a new post…lots of things on my mind…looking forward to another race year. WSI’s sponsorship is exciting and encouraging me to put a little more effort into my ‘efforts’, if you know what I mean. Super excited about finding a place to ride around my office here in Ann Arbor that is nearly ‘automobile free’ until about 8am. I have been parking my car at the NCRB (North Campus Recreation Building) and then leaving for a gravel road ride that is about 20 miles of continuous gravel. I see more deer and pheasant than cars before the sun comes up. It has been coolish, but the NCRB has a sauna that is a great reward after a couple hours of riding. (Feel like I am living large!)

    Barry Roubaix is on the horizon and the hills haunt me every day. Interestingly, the Barry Roubaix and the Iceman have nearly the same distance and almost the same amount of hills…but for whatever reason, the BR is always in my kitchen. I am hopeful that this nice weather is not going to stop short of showing up on race day.

    This winter, we did 20 minute hard intervals twice with a 5 minute recovery between…we did that every Thursday and I am feeling stronger because of it. (I think). BR always is a wake up call. I think I am Floyd Landis until the first hill, then I realize I am a University Employee with less fitness than I should have. In any case, the season is upon us. Let us embrace the race!

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