Danny’s 2017 Willow Time Trial Race Report – Podium Baby!

Danny 3rd Place Willow TT 2017I have been racing the Willow TT for about 8 years. It takes place at the Willow Metropark near the Detroit airport. It is a 13-mile race which requires you to circle the park 6 times, and yes… it is important to keep count :). The weather is usually cool and windy with a few exceptions – so pacing is tricky and important. Yesterday was cool and windy so a good warm up was very important.

I warmed up for almost an hour with leg warmers and decided to take them off to race. While my training has been a bit off the last few weeks, I felt really good in the race. I rode a good race but would have liked to go a bit faster (as always). I have averaged over 26 mph there twice but could not pull that out yesterday. 25.4 mph for a 31.10 finish. About the same as last year but 3rd instead of 4th – podium! I will take it for a 47-degree day.

~Danny Wolin