XTerra in Our Own Backyard

On September 30th, Xterra returned to Fort Custer, I had enjoyed this race in the past and had to do it. The swim course was two 400-meter laps in Eagle Lake with a short beach run between them. Apparently, this is how Xterra Worlds does their swim. It was neat to get out of the water, see where you were in the field, and jump back in for another lap. The warm weather we had earlier warmed the lake up enough to make the swim enjoyable but still wetsuit legal.

The bike course was a combination of the Green and Red trail. My main goal was to not crash, I had a few close calls but was able to stay upright. Passing is difficult on single track trails so a good swim can help you on the bike a lot more here than road triathlons. Something I hope to remember for next year.

The run course used the three miles of the Green trail a technical trail run. I have been struggling with my run off the bike this year but it felt good today. I will be looking forward to this race next year and I hope they keep the fall date.

~Kevin B.