Waterloo lived up to it’s name.

13782242_1257226357644656_2106800813476769421_nWhen I first started racing triathlons a number of years ago, I came across this wilderness race, and put in on a to-do for my future, when I felt ready. A truly unique race featuring trail running, lake crossings and road biking, the Battle of Waterloo is a ten-stage triathlon held every other year in Waterloo Recreation Area near Jackson. Turns out, 2016 was the year I was going to make it happen (ready, or not).
About 150 athletes lined up for the 7:30 start. As soon as the horn sounded and we were off, so came the rain. Leg 1 was a short trail run, followed by a quick transition to Leg 2 on the bike. All running and swimming gear stowed in my pack, I pedaled out of the park for 20+ miles. The non-water legs were hilly! Waterloo is a beautiful park, the woods were thick and green and the highway was very, very wet.
Our 2nd transition area was on Clear Lake, and thus began the swim-run x3. A swim buoy held my running shoes and running backpack while swimming, the backpack held my buoy and goggles while running. The rain really came down during the first swim, and it was a unique experience swimming as raindrops pierced the water’s surface. The run legs were mixed single track and two-track roads linking the lakes. Mill Lake, was particularly “wild” with weeds. It was during this swim I heard thunder rolling above – I took that as the “get-going” signal! I was lucky enough to get to the beach and was allowed to proceed to the run, while other athletes had to wait out the weather to swim.
The storm passed during my run, and I never was delayed for the weather. The rain, however, was there to stay for the duration. Another lake crossing and run, and I was back at the T2 area and so very happy to see my bike! A six mile spin and another quick run (Leg 10) and I finished my goal from many years ago, the Battle of Waterloo.