The Traveling Circus Travels Again

The circus has been on hiatus since late April following an operation.  I have recovered, built the legs back to mediocre and decided to tackle the BTR criterium in Kalamazoo.

This was my first skinny tire race in almost 14 years.  I gave it up then because the corners are too fast and you put too much trust in people you really don’t trust.  The pace was still fast and the sketchiest bike handler on course was me.
Michael, Jeff and I put on a solid showing in the Cat 5 citizens race by hanging tough with a blistering fast group until the bell lap when all three of us fell off when the sprint group took off.
I was very happy to put in some solid efforts at the front and stir things up as best I could.
Next up will be fatter tires at the 8 Hours of Ithaca relay followed by Ore to Shore in August.
A special thanks to the Trek Store of Battle Creek and WSI cycling for their continued support.
Until next time.
~Dan Frayer