Melting Mann: Lives Up Its Name


It was a brisk 30 degrees on the morning of March 8th as racers lined up for the Melting Mann: A Race Through No Mann’s Land. The course, whose¬†main attraction is Mann Rd., consisted of conditions ranging from dirt roads iced completely over to frozen rutted mud that would grab your tire in an instant. As the temps began to warm up and the course got well-used the frozen mud turned into the real deal, speckling racers with dirty faces and muddy behinds. WSI was well represented at the event taking home several podium finishes. Overall, it was a great event, and riders are looking forward to next year’s challenges in the Melting Mann.


David Goff placed second in his AG for the 22.7 mile course.


David Goff Sr. placed 4th in his AG for the 32 mile course.


Peggy Haas was the first female finisher on the 22 mile course with a respectable time of 1:32 (and that was all done on about an hour and a half of sleep).


Kellie Kramer placed 4th overall in women and 1st in her AG on the 32 mile course with a time of 2:09:08


Dwight Denisiuk raced the 32 mile course in the single speed division with a time of 2:14:21