Bloomer Park Cycling Heaven 7.22,12

Not only was there an awesome Mountain Bike race going on at Bloomer today, there was a full-on demonstration of races in the Velodrome.  I need to spend some time in the Velodrome and tell you more about it.

This race report is going to be  kind of ‘run of the mill’ because that was what my performance was.  I went out (my new Fuel EX frame was freaky fast) I rode the switch backs as well as I could , I rode the straight parts as fast as I could and I finished 3rd.

It was hot and dusty, no disasters, just kinda did was I was supposed to do.  I did ride behind Neil Sharphorn for a lap.  He is a legend.  70 plus years old, Nationally recognized MTB racer.  He was awesome to follow.  Awesome motor up-hills, was smooth as silk in the turns…I kept telling him how awesome he was, he was having trouble hearing me though so every time I talked to him, he slowed down so he could hear me….figured I would quit slowing him down.  And yes, he beat me by a couple minutes—most happy I will ever be to have been beat by a 70 year old stroke surviver….I can only hope to be that fast and fit when I am 70.

Thanks to WSI-Team Active for letting me live a dream.

Jack Miner.