Battle Creek Corporate Cup

Josh & DevinJosh and Devin here; every year we participate in the Battle Creek Corporate Cup time predict cycling event. This is a fantastic event that allows even the slowest cyclists the chance to truly compete. The premise behind this event is each rider submits their predicted time over a 10 mile course ahead of race day. The route is ridden with no computers or watches so it’s important to know how to pace and attempt to finish the 10 miles as close to the predicted time as possible.

While riders can go at any pace, we treat this like a time trial, go all out and suffer the 10 miles for the fastest time possible. This year, Devin and I teamed up and treated this like a mini team time trial. We rocketed away from the start and started faster than normal to gain some space between us and the other riders also attempting a fast ride. It paid off and even after we got into our rhythm, we just kept spreading out the field. We ride a lot together so this ride went very well for us. We smoked the 10 miles with around a 25mph avg which was a bit slower than we wanted but given the winds and rainy conditions, we were very pleased. We crossed the line together and came in first which made for a great start to both of our days. =)

-Josh Haas & Devin Winton